We Offer an Anti-Aging Treatment for Men

Men should visit our clinic for an anti-aging treatment. Until recently, people did not understand that men experience changes to their hormones just like women. While many people place much attention on menopause and how a female’s body changes over … Continued

Reasons Teens Should Visit Our Medical Center this Fall

It is highly recommended that patients visit our medical center once a year for an examination and physical. This is especially important for teenagers and college-age students to do prior to the school year getting in full swing. Anyone who … Continued

A Walk in Clinic Can Provide Fast Treatment

When you need medical care quickly, visit our walk-in-clinic. Our clinic is here to serve the community and help those who have immediate medical needs. Instead of going to the emergency room at the hospital where you could have to wait … Continued

Services Provided By A Wellness Center

We welcome new patients in our wellness center and provide a high quality of medical care. Very often, we find that people have never heard of a center like ours and want to know how it is different from visiting … Continued

Reasons to Visit a Primary Care Provider

Most people know that a primary care provider is their number one doctor whom they go to for most anything. Once they see the primary care provider, it is this doctor that can then make recommendations to a specialist if necessary. … Continued

Welcome to Ferguson Family Medicine

We are committed to providing quality service to residents located In the Mesa, AZ area. Our website has additional information about the following topics: Family Medicine, Family Doctor, Medical Clinic, Medical Spa, Anti Aging Treatment, Botox, Skin Care, Dermatology, Walk … Continued